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Force & Phil Nig. Ltd

30 Olakunle Seleci Crs,

Int Airport rd,

Lagos, Nigeria

Tel: +234 8023 075750
​Mail: info@forceandphil.com

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Available Commodities:

Force & Phil is a business entity based in Lagos, Nigeria which is focused on adding value and structure to the supply and general trading of locally sourced commodities. As commodity brokers, we make the procurement of commodities seamless for local and international buyers, meeting specifications and deadlines with quality products and service.

We believe that success is built on consistency in best business practice, integrity and timely delivery of high quality produce. With strong links to producers, we support local production and revenue generation, having access to high quality commodities while assuring our local and international customers of fair market prices.

Our service network ensures that we have access to a diversified portfolio of products and you have access to representatives close to you in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada and others.

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