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RC 1263396


Force & Phil trade in the following commodities

 Hardwood Charcoal

 Raw Cashew Nuts

 Dry split Ginger

 Bitter Kola

 Hibiscus Flower

 Cassava Chips

Force & Phil is the international commodity brokerage company for today and tomorrow with supply chains, operations and customer service organized to meet the demands and needs of today and the future.

We have the capacity to hedge market risks thus minimizing exposure for our suppliers and customers in the highly volatile international trade market.

Our Promise...

“Delivery of high quality commodities in a timely and efficient manner guided by the principles of best practice, integrity and efficiency"

Our Goal...

"to be the largest exporter of high quality products from the West African sub-region."

Force & Phil was established to support the thriving Nigerian commodity export sector with emphasis on quality control, speed to market, retention of product quality and fair market prices. We have developed a name for responsible and reliable service to the international market and among local suppliers.


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